Estimation immo UK (UK real estate estimate)

This is something that I have actually sent by email… I have lots of features that I would love to see in your app which I find a great idea, but is still somehow under performing for me…

For example when adding Real Estate it would be great to track the % of annual growth of the initial investment, for example I have a house in London that I paid for £260k back in 2006 and is now worth around £520k… there are many websites that track growth depending of many factors, such as postcode… and it would be great to get that in your app!


We Fernando, welcome to the community! We are going to launch an english-speaking forum soon :slight_smile:

We already value properties in 6 countries in mainland Europe, and the UK is definitely planned! In the meantime, you can enter the current estimate manually.

Don’t forget to vote for your feature request!

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Good to know! keep up the good work, this app has a lot of potential!


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