[Feature] Retrait Crypto (Invest)

Send my crypto assets from Invest to my external wallet

Hi, I don’t have access to this feature? is it deployed?

No it is not
It is a vote

When I started the crypto invest plan, withdraw to external wallet was marked as « soon » but now it seems that it is dependant on a vote.

could you clarify that?
Is this feature currenlty being developped? Do we have an estimate timeframe for the release of this feature?

Without this kind of information, I will clearly stop the invest plan
I do not want to store my crypto on a centralised entity.
I want to be able to withdraw / exchange my crypto without transforming them to fiat for fiscal reasons

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Mounir said this week that the feature is currently in test internally. So I’m confident that it will be available soon !

Good news, I mssed that information.

It could be a good thing to update this kind of post to update the person that have voted.

I understand that it can be difficult to commit on a date but « currently in testing phase » is already an interesting update.

Thank you

Une fonction essentielle à mettre en œuvre très rapidement… Du coup, je ne vois pas l’intérêt d’un vote :face_with_monocle:


Pourrions nous avoir une estimation de date pour le déploiement de cette fonction essentielle ? La possibilité de retrait devrait faire partie des fonctionnalités de base.

Merci !

Voir le message de Giovanni ici : [Beta] Plan d’investissement Crypto Finary 🌚 - #456 par giovanni