[Integration] Google Sheets

Hello Finary team!
Just succesfully invested on CrowdCube, excited to follow your venture and strong believer in the product and the mission.
Would it be possible to upload assets manually with a formatted csv on top of one by one through the current form?
Thanks a lot

Yes, we are working on that! Which platforms do you use?

Hi Mounir,


I am a multi assets investor and I invest in:

  • stocks and ETFs (unfortunately through banks in Singapore, no Neo brokers here yet)

  • startups through CrowdCube, Seedrs, Angellist, Seedinvest, The Syndicate, Republic, FundersClub

  • cryptos through FTX, Coinbase, Gemini, Decentralised exchanges (MetaMask wallets typically, managed to connect some of them on Finary)

  • NFTs through Opensea and SuperRare

  • also invested in physical properties

I’ve created a premium Finary account and invested 5k euros on CrowdCube. Very excited about your product. Been a private banker for many years and now family office advisor so understand well how powerful this will be!

Based in Singapore and happy to help in any way if you need connections with the ecosystem here as well as with feedback / ideas from a professional in the traditional wealth management world.

Have a great week,


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By the way connecting to a Google sheet for me would be even better than uploading a csv but that’s a small detail

Awesome ! We are working on importing CSV imports from platforms without APIs like Nexo, Crypto.com for now. Google Sheets might be next :slight_smile:

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Hello Mounir

I have automated my follow-up of crypto of Nexo by downloading CSV, calling coin market for rate and google sheet with pivot to provide results