[Live] Yield sur Finary Invest


Hi everyone,
good news - yield is now live for everyone with the newest app version (2.11.4)!

For the launch we have special offers, e.g. 10% APY on Solana Lending.
All info about the risks, fees (there are none), where the yield is coming from and more about the rates, you can find here.

The following assets are now available:

ETH Staking is currently only available for Beta Testers, but we will open it soon to everyone as well!

Looking forward to your feedback,

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Hi @StefD,
quick update here. We removed the fees, so now its the full 2% APY on BTC for you.


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On aura un document pour déclaration aux impÎts chaque année ?

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Congrats Lennart and the crypto team for this amazing work ! Now looking forward to the crypto deposit feature in order to have all my cryptos under yield with Finary

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Je ne suis pas beta tester mais je devrais y avoir acces pour le btc. Et pourtant rien.
J’ai bien la bonne version de l’application

Bonjour, Est-ce qu’il faut ĂȘtre membre Finary + pour accĂ©der au staking / lending ?

Non pas besoin mais tu auras un petit peu plus de frais si tu n’est pas Finary +

Hi @Nicolas254,
can you try again please. Should work now!

Hi @lennart
Its ok now, thx

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Le bouton Yield est grisĂ©. Il n’est donc pas accessible.
Est-ce normal ?

pareil pour moi

Yield Bitcoin lancé

Bonjour @lennart
J’ai la derniùre version d’app, ne suis pas beta testeur.
J’ai pu activĂ© un staking d’ETH hier soir mais plus possible ce matin. Puis je ĂȘtre beta testeur pour continuer Ă  avoir la fonctionnalitĂ© ?

Same pour Staking ETH demande le 17/01 et validation le 23/01

Hi @Fabb24, @Alexandre.W
Do you have the newest app version?


Done, please let me know if you can see it again. Otherwise, please download the newest app version.


Hi @AnthonyBocquet, Lending is available for all users now. Just make sure you have the newest app version (2.11).


Thanks, I see it again.

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Il n y a rien à déclarer aux impÎts si nous ne transformons pas le yield en euros ? C est bien ça?

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