Advanced crypto portofolio

I discovered Finary via its youtube channel and wanted to give the app a try.

I own some real estate, some stock, some gold, have a few bank accounts of different kinds (in France and abroad) but my wealth is made mainly of crypto: I have coins on various L1 and L2, using many DeFi apps, on various exchanges, with my own staking setup on Ethereum (directly and using Rocket Pool).

Obviously with this complexity I was not expecting the Finary app to provide integrations to all these sources.
Instead of trying to implement it all a suggestion would be to integrate with an existing app doing crypto portfolio tracking? There are many of them, I have been using and it is quite good, with new integrations implemented regularly. And it is open source

Note: to consolidate all my wealth (crypto and non crypto) I am using a good old-fashioned excel with a few custom formulas. And even rotki does not include all the defi apps, so I track them manually.

Et je suis Français, j’ai juste plus l’habitude d’écrire en Français…