[En cours] Incorrect asset data (SSO and VWRL)

Hi team!

I have incorrect asset data displayed for two of my assets on Interactive Brokers:

  1. My SSO holding (Ultra S&P500 Proshares) is displayed as SDS (UltraShort) instead.
  2. The price information for VWRL keeps shifting 100X lower and back, which creates really large incorrect movement in my total balances.

Both are probably some parsing thing from a data source, hope it helps in pinpointing it!

Thanks for the detailed feedback.

Information is sometimes lacking on IBKR’s side. The SSO issue should be fixed at the next account synchronisation.

For VWRL it looks like some of our data providers are sending us the wrong price. The team is looking into it and we’ll get back to you once it is solved.

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Update for now - SSO data has been steadily correct for the past few days! Thanks. :slight_smile:

VWRL price is still glitchy. Anything I can do to help pinpointing it? Happy to if I can.

Hey! Any updates on the VWRL pricing by any chance? :slight_smile:

Hi Tom, sorry I didn’t see your messages! Is that better now? If not, could you share a screenshot and confirm in which currency you have VWRL? :pray:

Hi, sorry for the delayed response, I hadn’t checked the boards in a little while. I can confirm this is still happening. I’m holding VWRL in GBP through interactive brokers. As for a screenshot, happy to DM/email one - would prefer not to disclose specific numbers on public boards though. :slight_smile: