Feature Request - Track Margin Interest/cost in Insights

Hey all,

An awesome feature of Insights is that it allows me to gauge things like the cost of my portfolio - like with the annual fees card. I can see the percentage cost as well as the actual fees in pounds, which is super useful.
A similar card that would be great is seeing the interest and total cost of the margin I have on brokerage accounts like Interactive Brokers. It would be super useful to see it in the Insights for the specific account under the portfolio tab, and also nice in the general Insights tab.
Would it be possible to consider adding it to the roadmap?


Hey Tom, thanks for your request! I moved it to the « Request » section so that you can gather some votes. Every suggestion made by the community is considered, and if it gets a lot of votes, we prioritize it!

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Thanks! I guess I was confused on where to put it seeing that the Ideas section is in French and I didn’t want to impose :sweat_smile:
Will make sure to direct future ideas there!

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