History of investment account

It would be great if we could add the date when a stock was bought to see the evolution of the investment account beyond the date when I joined Finary.

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[Fonctionnalité] Accès à l’historique de ses investissements - Idées :bulb: - Finary

Translation :
I think it could be useful to have access to the history of purchases and sales of stocks/cryptos as well as the history of his portfolio.
I imagine this in two categories:
Firstly in the form of a table in which are informed:
-the date of purchase/sale
-the value of the share/token at this date
-the number of shares/token bought/sold
-the gains/losses at the time of the sale if it is a sale.
Secondly, in the form of a pie chart of the distribution of our assets for a given date. For example to be able to choose a date (1 year ago for example), and see the composition and value of our crypto or stock portfolio at that time.
I think this could help to trace its different movements and strategies, and could be useful for tax purposes as well (I’m thinking in particular of crypto->fiat exchanges which are taxed for each transaction).