How does total worth calculate?

Does total worth account from assets - liabilities ?

I have setup assets and liabilities, but it doesn’t seem to subtract the liabilities from the total worth.?

Hi Noah,

The liabilities are included in the Net Worth, not in the Total Worth

thanks man, does this app work well for English speakers? Seems like it may only have French support? Is there a community section for English speakers?

Also, in the portfolio section can you also sort by Net Worth or only Total Worth?

Yes, the application works perfectly in English, with connections to 20,000+ financial institutions worldwide. However, the community aspect remains predominantly French by now

Yes you can sort it in the portfolio section also

Hi @Noah6

You found it. All the english support is concentrated here (for now) and I and others try to review it as much as we can to encourage english users to participate and share their experiences.

In all cases, if you manage to figure out the various categories on this forum, do not hesitate to post outside this section in english. When I can, I post bilingual messages in various parts of this forum. French speakers are often a bit shaky and lack confidence about their english speaking skills when in fact, they write and speak a lot better than what they think. Give them the opportunity to prove it and post wherever necessary :wink: