Integration request Interactive Investor, MyPension365, HSBC UK mortgage account

is it possible to integrate:

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Hi @Luca15 and welcome here.

While waiting for the Finary Team’s answer, you might want to call out these financial institutions publicly to ask if they (can/cvould/wil) provide an API for Finary (or any other aggregator) to use.

It’s a good way to bring Finary to their attention and it gives you a chance to share your referral link on social media platforms :wink:

HSBC UK seems is already available on Finary though. Is this what you need?:

I just saw this. Ignore the last part of my answer. Or include them in the first part and call them out publicly as well :wink:

one more thing that is an issue with crypto is when tokens are lent they are not counted in the net worth for example on Solana solend, it won’t show tools like step can show and calculate it