If you're outside of France (or can't speak a word of the lingo), make some noise!

Since this forum opened, not a single post has been written here in the english section.

This gives the impression that all members, if not too shy, are either francophones or solely from french speaking countries which I find hard to believe.

Please, prove this community wrong and make some noise. I’d love to read more about the investment challenges or issues you might have to deal with where you live and how (or if) Finary helps.

Hope to read you soon

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Very good idea ! Let’s spread and share the Finary vision all around the world :earth_americas:

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Where is Brian?

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« In Ze kitchen of course! »

You should know that by now! :smiley: ---->

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This sounds a really good idea!

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Great idea, @Diem4DM !

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